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Friday, 05 February 2010



I have never been more proud of our national sport. Hockey is a beautiful thing.

Wait...isn't our national sport Lacrosse? Must google that.


I already have gushed to you about how much I love this write-up. Now (in public, of course), I must point out a couple things.

You managed to raise (slightly) the ire of both myself and a co-worker. Rather, your headline did.

First, he says that there are plenty of Texans who know all about hockey, thanks in large part to having a top-tier team in Dallas for several years now. I suppose that because you said, "a" Texan and not "all Texans," you get a by on that one.

But that falls apart fairly quickly under the weight of my next point: I am 39 years old and have lived in Texas for only the last 4.5, so I am not a Texan.

You are still totally awesome, however, and this guide made my co-worker and me laugh out loud as we read it together over the cubicle wall. That was the point, not my heritage, so we're still good.


Mark, I anticipated at least a part of your ire: check out the mouse-over text on the link in the first occurrence of your name. BAM!!

Also, given the largely satirical nature of the post, I wrote the title with large brush strokes as well. Painted it with large letters? Ah hell, you know what I mean.

And Terri -- yes, lacrosse is OFFICIALLY our national sport, but hockey is definitely embraced as the unofficial one. Much more passionately!


Never played hockey....did play on a women's Lacrosse team. I would prefer hockey. Those little skirts were TERRIBLE!

Simian Farmer

Uh, Terri?  Little skirts are, by definition, absolutely awesome.


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