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Wednesday, 27 January 2010



This should be proof enough that you have been hurting for a writing outlet.

The Orpheus and Eurydice reference was an especially nice touch.


Oh Simon!



Wait, I'm still impressed by the fact that a parent of young kiddos gets to go out to a bar twice a month with old friends. I'll process the rest at a later moment. :)

Moksha Gren

Having skimmed your letter, I find it very humorous. Mind you, my laughter stims merely from its enormity and not from any specific cleverness you employed within...since I did not read it. I rest assured that it was, indeed, clever and quite literary. Knowing you as I do, I can only assume that you attempted to raise the simple tasks requested of you to a noble pillar by equating it to the labors of farm and field. And if you were in a particularly feisty mood while writing, you would feel that despite the high brow language employed, the talk of soil, livestock and such brought the topic too far down from your intended pillar. So, you would probably close with something which could not be mistaken for anything less than intellectual. Perhaps something from Greek mythology. That certainly would be clever

But like I said...I didn't read it. So many big words so close together make my head hurt.


Sometimes, Moksha, *I* wanna make your head hurt.

Moksha Gren

I get that a lot ;)


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