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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Émilie B.

Both vinny's and your version's commentaries were the height of this exercise.

You been to China? Good for you; you should post about it sometime for us!


Oh, yeah! My blog has been weak, weak, weak, for some months now. Does that mean I have to do this meme, too?


Emy, I did actually write a series of posts about my trip to China some time back. I'll see if I can dig them up for you to reference.

Paul, I guess you answered that question already now, didn't you? Nice answers of your own.


I dated a girl whose last name was Cruise...32 is a go!

How many of these can we check off in Dallas this Spring? Eh?


Moksha, for those that aren't geographically impossible from Dallas, we could give several of them a good go.


Yes, but perhaps the ones that ARE geographically impossible would be more interesting to attempt.

But if nothing else, I could easily plan some surprise...um..."event" that would necessitate you earning #89 with Mark. But shhhhh. It will only work it we don't tell Mark.


I'm rather tardy to this party.

We could give a few of these a go in spring, fellas. #89 is fine. It's the alternative that we should avoid.

Okay, now I must do this myself. Dang. Like I didn't have enough to do on Thursday night!


I caved to the pressure and did this on my blog.

I dig your new banner pic, by the way. Now we know who can catch and tame your crazy dog. Is it a trick of 2D vs. 3D, or is he really trying to bite the pooch's ear (I avoided using names -- pretty good, eh?).


"then I realized I wanted to have sex someday"

So damn funny. Oh, you are a beautiful, hilarious spirit. That really made my day, I of D&D elf Jacinda of Aralia fame.

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