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Tuesday, 27 January 2009



What an excellent display. I'm glad I was there to witness the handing over of the goods.

Here's my link to my post that includes a picture of me standing next to an R2-D2 mailbox:

A couple of other geeky SW-related pics are right at the top.


My apologies to my wife for linking to a photo of her pre-Weight Watchers self.

Émilie B.

Triple-matte, neato! Reminiscent of an 80s look, too. It would be a cute enough piece of deco, but the story that goes with it makes it more special.

I thought the drawing would be stuck to the door of the room where the stamps were displayed, until I read the author's name.

Nice new banner.

Moksha Gren

Yea, I'm useful!
It's really cool to see those babies all dolled up. They sat in my sunroom for months awaiting your arrival. Oddly, I didn't trust the postal service to safely transport stamps ;) I'm very hapy to have had a part in that fun (though if I had know you were going to display it in such splendor, I'll admit that I would have had a hard time not signing the back...just to vex you.)

I love Dex's sign. I expect to see it triple matted soon ;)


Love the sign!



The handoff of the stamps, though underwhelming, may go down in history as a cusp of sorts that will eventually define this era. Um, I'm not sure exactly why.


The triple matte was the framer's idea, and I'm glad he has more artistic savvy than I do. Good thing the story makes it special, because the inherent value of the stamps don't, really!


Of course you love the sign. You know quite well how much young siblings can love each other in that unique way.



That was me unintentionally forgetting to reply to you, too. Mea culpa. I'm glad you didn't trust the postal service to transport the stamps since it made their receipt by my a little more special. And stuff. Don't expect to see Dex's sign matted any time soon. We have more of his pre-school artwork than we know what to do with.


Today's the day, my friend. Enjoy all that sunshine and safely return with good tales to share.


Welcome back to frigid reality, good sir. We've missed you.


I like Star Wars quite a bit, myself. Nice stamps. I have a couple of autographed CD inserts I'd like to frame like that. I'll probably attempt it myself, though.


BTW, your banner pic is awesome.


That Sign of Declan's door breaks my heart... It is only because Tav can't read that I put it up for Declan. It was so sad to see Declan hold Tav's hand and read it to him... Tav's little innocent face looking up at it and only seeing a drawing and enjoying it... I hate that sign!!! Think Declan would get it if I put one on my door???

All Adither

Love the little door sign. My son hasn't thought of making one of those yet, but it's coming soon.


You had me at "pure AWESOMENESS of Star Wars."

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