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Tuesday, 13 January 2009



Ah, this would be Good Simon, then?


Not bad, not bad. Much darker than mine ever turns out. I try about once a year to grow one, and the only difference is more gray each time, and it shows up better than the light red color that nearly matches my skin.

So, have you found any food in it yet?


vinny, this just *appears* to be the Good Simon. [insert maniacal laugh.]

Mark, no food in it yet, but I have found (to my chagrin) that I have to be more careful sometimes when blowing my nose. Thought you'd want to know that.

Émilie B.

It sure is different. Facial hair seem to be the guys' styling equivalent of hair colour for gals.

I think I like the bearded Simon face equally to the unbearded Simon face. Since I'm not a huge fan of facial hair, this is not an un-compliment. Could I be any more neutral?


That's OK, Émy. You still get points for saying "un-compliment", as well as the appropriate use of that apostrophe there.


I think you're trying to be Vinny. I like it.


Tasha, at some level we're all trying to be Vinny.

That said, I see more of an Edward Norton a la American History X...albeit a much more relaxed and cheery version.


Adorable, says I. I see by your Twitters that our reprieve from this Arctic Hell (and Winnipeg's reprieve as well) is on the way. Thank heavens. I feel like a piece of freeze dried.... something. Something dry and crackly. Only -27C this morning! Warmest morning all week!

Moksha Gren

It is everything I dreamed it would be, Simon. Well, it's actually much more than I dreamed it would be since I didn't really dream about it. But you take my meaning.

I can see what you mean about the lighter mustache...but it still looks fine. I would say go with a soul-patch, but that area is equally light. It's probably for the best, though since soul-patchs look out of place without a beret...and kinda douchey with a beret

Amish is a good option, depending on how the sideboards grow in. For myself, I have face fuzz much thinner than you pretty much everywhere...and odd splotches that are totally hairless. So you're way up on me since your goat looks completley passable. Well done.

As luck would have it, I married a woman who HATES facial hair. Whenever I lament my skimpy facial forest, she reminds me that she would be unwilling to kiss me should I ever find myself able and willing to grow such scratchiness. So, at least my genetics have removed the temptation. Which is good, since I would definitely cave and have to go kissless for a while for a good beard. My Dad had a wild west style handle-bar mustache and I've always though that would be fun.


I like it. Who cares what everyone is saying behind your back?

Okay, forget I just typed that. You know, besides the liking it part. Because seriously, I like it. :)


I'm a sucker for men with facial hair. Corey has had his since 1995! Can't imagine him without it :) Good for you!!


Ok, I was waiting for the attention on this post to die down before calling you on this...but don't think I don't see you pushing your biceps out. I've done that same fist bump, so recognize it well. I mean, it suits the photo, with your prison-style goat, but don't expect me not to mock.

Mock, mock. ;)

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