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Friday, 12 December 2008



I read Basic Instructions occasionally, and of course XKCD. I must say XKCD is the best I have found, too. It doesn't take a great illustrator to make a great comic strip.


I agree with several of your choices. I also commend to your consideration The Devil's Panties. One of my favorite faves alongside xkcd.com.

Alec Lynch

Ug...I spend way too much time as it is keeping up with my webcomics, and now I think I'll have to add one or two from your list that I don't already follow.

Order of the Stick is definitely my fav webcomic out there, but I can't say Erfworld has won me over. Darth and Droids if clever, though I don't think it's lived up to it's inspiration, DM of the Rings (now finished but a must read).

Irregular Webcomic and XKCD are both solid choices (I know you're looking for my personal approval, right?)

As for recommendations, Commissioned Comic is brilliantly funny, as are the "rants" that follow many postings. The creator rotates between several story lines. He also this year created a giant Lego-man costume for Halloween--just in case you doubt his geeky-awesomeness.

Émilie B.

I recently thought "hey, I should add a comic or two to my RSS feed". The universe is listening.

Or you can read thoughts. Huh.

Thanks for the Basic Instructions link.

Simian Farmer


I agree that XKCD is the best one out there. It does only really appeal to a bit of a niche market. But thankfully that market makes up a huge chunk of the online community.


I checked out a couple weeks' worth of the Devil's Panties, and I think it has something going for it. Thanks for the reference.


I know what you mean about Erfworld. If it posted more regularly or had more of a contained story within each strip, I'd like it more. It lacks continuity. I do still like its potential, though. What I dislike about Irregular Webcomic is often more than made up for by the annotations. Definitely be checking out Commissioned Comic.


The universe works in mysterious ways. Basic Instructions is definitely one of the best to check out. You should like that.


Can not believe I did not know about Basic Instructions.

And we are on the same wavelength on so many of the others it is scary.

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