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Tuesday, 16 December 2008



Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was a wise man in a bath robe at least once when I was Dex's age. Or was that wise guy...?


Cool. I played a Wise Man in grade school. I was always quite the ham, though. Good photographic wrap-up, as usual.

My camera has a face detection feature. Yours zeroes in on snacks? No fair!


Great photos. And I must say Papa is quite the cool looking dude. Piercing and all!

Moksha Gren

The wisemen in red took a protective step away from the blue-clad royalty...fearing the incoming lightning bolt as the sarcastic sultan continued despite the dirty looks of all in attendance. "Son of God...whatever," he mocked with a roll of his eyes.

Great pictures, Simon. As Mark said, the Snack Tracker feature is obviously something Nikon needs to work on.

Émilie B.

It's nice to be seeing Dex and Tav again. I really dig the three different looking crowns on the king's heads - it's not like they're supposed to come from the same country now, is it?

(Declan has the best one on his head, though - that kid rocks!)



I remember being Joseph and having a crush on the girl playing Mary. Alas, I had as much luck with her as the real Joseph did with the real Mary.


Snack feature is a little-known quirk of Canon cameras.


The boys' Papa is a cool cat. To the chagrin of their granny, the boys will always gravitate to the Papa if he's in the room.


The elder boy is following in his father's footsteps with alarming precision. His sarcasm is already showing itself.


We've borrowed that crown from my mother (Granny) for two years now. Where she got it I have no idea. Apparently it's imbued with magical aloofness.


I just finish reading about Edmonton temps being about -20C with the wind chill, and there's you in a short-sleeved shirt and Tav looking overheated in (barely) long sleeves. What kind of internal combustion do you two have?? Personally, I'm with the sensibly dressed Amy, your mom and stepdad, and especially Declan with the fuzzy robe. Wise, indeed!

Nolan Karges

Hey happy birthday, i couldnt' figure out how to e-mail you/ i'm lazy so i figured this was easier. The boys look so old now! Merry Christmas and hopefully i'll see you soon


Tavish has the bluest eyes in the first picture and you have a very pretty wife.

I love picture number seven.

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