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Wednesday, 05 November 2008



"Mythbusters" definitely deserves more attention than Rocky III. Bravo there.

Nice summary of the Fraser life.

As far as Palin goes? That is part of what I was talking about when I said I wish McCain had kept his spine. Then at least his campaign would have been (more) honest, and he never would have let them saddle him with Palin. Not saying I was pulling for his ticket. Just that it was too bad to see yet another politician change to try to get elected.

As for Clubber Lang's fall to Rocky? I remember emerging from the movie theater with the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the fight. I was ready to... box? It was silly, but I was fired up. Movies to funny things to young minds (and old, depending on subject matter).

Now, I'm much more mature. I get inspired like that only by such fare as Iron Man.

Émilie B

Vegas and Madonna and outlets does seem like the ultimate bachelorette party. So long as the bride-to-be doesn't end up eloping with another guy, they should have much fun and memories.

I've been admiring the awesome commercials the Mexico Tourism board has been running lately. They're going all out, of course, but if your trip is anything like that, oy caramba!

Your blood donor exploits are very inspiring. Congrats and good luck!



I understand about the spine comment. McCain lost a lot of respect (and voters), from my perspective, because of his lack of consistency throughout the campaign. I'm still glad he lost, but I wish he could have lost with more aplomb.

Those sorts of movies don't age really well, do they? Well, aside from the Star Wars saga. But that's another story.


The bride should still be a pretty safe bet for her husband-to-be. It should be a wicked stagette for those involved. Just as long as my wife comes back in mostly one piece. After that, we're both looking forward to the trip to Mexico!


All through the Palin thing I kept thinking that she made Bush look good in the same way that Bush made Nixon look good.

Moksha Gren

Hey, I watched Rocky III as well. Shoulda called...we could have groaned in stereo at the dated montages.

And yes, the saddest part of this whole election is the respect I lost for McCain. I never would have voted for him, but prior to this I would have been proud to call him my president. Alas, politics is an ugly beast.


I've been to Riviera Maya and LOVED it!!! The snorkeling there is outstanding, and the water is gorgeous.

Mexico is one of my favorite places to go... but don't forget, I love good Tequila too! *S*

Where exactly are you going?



We're staying at a resort called the "Grand Coco Bay", and it's on the coast right across from the island of Cozumel. I'm very much looking forward to the trip. But I'll probably focus more on the rum than the tequila. That's just how I roll.


Ah, you're staying in Playa del Carmen! It's a VERY beautiful area!

Either way, I hope you have a great vacation Simon!

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