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Friday, 07 November 2008


Moksha Gren

I don't know, Si. I would assume they are making a deliberate grammatical error to bring attention the the great singularity that is humanity. Leave it to you to turn such a beautiful sentiment into an attack against the artist. You are such a pendants.

That said, it really should be "are we A dancer." On second thought, you're right...that is a stupid song.

Émilie B

You know I sort of liked that Ironic song before you made fun of it and now the true-ishness of your opinion about it has ruined for me.

Émilie B

But it's ok.


Oh...well...here's your problem. Your wife's listening to The Killers. Tell her to grow some taste.


Now I'm going to have to listen to the song in question. I think I don't like it already, but I'm keeping an open mind. Here I go to the link.


I like the tune. If they're saying "dancer," then it sucks. If they're saying "denser," then it doesn't suck quite as badly.


You know, I generally like the Killers. I'm not sure if I can forgive them for this, though. I don't take grammatical infractions lightly.


Yeah, there's a few songs like that for me... can't get them out of my head and I hate them! Go figure.


You're not alone in your perturbation. I think you'll enjoy the review of their show: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20081120.KILLERS20/TPStory/?query=killers+review


Almost completely forgettable, like the Petshop Boys without a point. If only the lyrics had been mixed a little lower you'd never have had a problem.


Simon, where are you?


Hehe, I just love that someone else on this planet could be just as bothered about it as I am.

James Graham

First off it has been about 2 years since I've perused your site, and ironic that I was instantly in argument with you. I actually really enjoy the song in question. I would like to say that the following argument was mine, but I found it on another blog in my attempts to search out a proper response to your comments.


Poetry often breaks the confines of grammar and punctuation. To believe that Flowers just made an accidental grammatical error or that he somehow ruined the song by saying “dancer” is akin to saying that e e cummings ruined all his poetry because he didn’t use capitals.

Flowers doesn’t say “Are we humans” He says “Are we human” the singular version of human is used commonly in English as an adjective. He has then deftly utilizes this construct and applies it to the word dancer.

We don’t normally see the word used this way in English, and because of this — the turning of the word from a noun to an adjective to be “dancer” — we’re forced to more carefully analyze what it means to be “dancer.” It is a description of all those who follow along without critical thought to why they move as they do, metaphorically and literally. It calls to mind the dehumanization of society. We no longer feel as much as we used to. There is less compassion in the world. We have become so digital that human interaction is no longer a must in our society, and hence we have in essence become without a heartbeat, our hands cold and our sensibilities systematic.

If he were to have said “dancers” people would not have even thought twice about the significance of the main line in the song and they would have said, “Oh yes, dancers, those people who go up on stage, what a pretty song.” Instead we get all of this lovely discussion on websites where people might for a moment look to their lives and ask the question,

“Am I human or am I dancer?”

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