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Saturday, 20 September 2008


Moksha Gren

"Doctor, my anus hurts when I do this."
"Then don't do that."

Half the challenge with fixing a toddler's problem is simply figuring out what the problem is. Or, to put it another way..."knowing is half the battle."


If he didn't already know what and "anus" was, then he obviously figured it out quickly in the context of the situation.

Nice work. You're a regular private dick.


I almost spit out my coffee reading the last sentence Simon! *ROTFL*

Nice catch on what was causing the problem!


OH MY GOD...that is funny!!!!!


Ok, and when I was teaching the Blogging class today and brought them all to here.....

at least everyone got a great laugh.



And I am often told that I give too much information. Our kids are going to hate you for these comments later.


Dude, your kids are going to KILL YOU when they discover Dad's blog entries at an older age!

Cute story, though. Your kids sound hilarious.

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