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Sunday, 14 September 2008



Cool place. I dig the new banner, too.

With all the corn fields around us, you'd think we'd have a similar spot to take kids. Nope. Instead we get a pumpkin farm. Not much hope for a maze there (although that spiral "maze" didn't look to tough to create).


"Come Get Lost in Our Maize"

"Welcome to Our Corn Utopia"


Mark, the potential for corny puns is truly staggering. Thanks for rising to the challenge. After a morning spent here, both boys slept REALLY well that night. Great way to let them exhaust themselves.

Moksha Gren

Man, that picture of Dex running really highlights how tall he's getting. Why with all the the "growing up" already?

Great banner, by the way. I'm always impressed with the whimsical angles and poses you capture for these things.

Last year, we took Norah and her boyfriend, David to a corn maze place. They had a blast running around, but didn't really "get" it. We're hoping this year will bring a bit more awareness on their parts.

Émilie B

I foresee a future in music for your boys, with sunglasses slowly becoming their trademark like this.

Cool banner, yup. Really in sync with the Farmer part of the blog title.



I revel in the older boy's height, mostly because it means there's only one now still left at crotch height. And he's the one most prone to run head-first right at me, looking to give me some mis-guided affection. Balls of leather, man!


The boys certainly have a look down pat. They've been known to throw impressive fits if they leave the house forgetting their hats and sunglasses.


Um is that a wasp about to fly into Declan's ear in the last pic???


Hey, you're right Aim... that totally is! I didn't notice it until you pointed it out.


COOL! We're coming up to Edmonton for Thanksgiving and while the men are out quadding, this ould be something for me the kids and my sister's clan to enjoy. You'll have to let me know where this is!


Amy's reason for marrying you, as mentioned in the last post, combined with the self-portrait of yourself in this one, reminded me of a quip I heard last week:

"That's not a bald spot... that's a solar panel for a sex machine."

Ba da boom. Chicka bown bown.

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