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Monday, 18 August 2008



Glad the tension's over, but I feel for you. Boy, how the rest of us would have looked to you for inspiration. As it is, though, you're still just another working dad trying his best to keep his kids from tracking the dog's crap back into the house.

Nah, you're the exceptional Simon. And although the CSA doesn't see it, we know you belong up there as much as the next guy (or gal, as it were).

Émilie B

Well, at least you tried.

In Pluto's defense, there was not that many other candidates around.

Moksh Gren

Alas...though we were all pretty sure this news would come, it's still tough to accept the cruel truth. I so wanted to look up at the night sky and know that you were zipping around up there. Well, I guess it would have all been the same for me anyway...so tonight, while sitting on my new patio, I'll look up and imagine you floating free.

And as I mentioned before...you're still the closest thing to an astronaut I've even personally know. So you've got that.


I'm truly sorry to hear that Simon. I hope somehow you find a way to achieve your dream.


I see you have neglected your blog as of late too. That time of year I guess.

Sorry you're not flying into the great unknown. It would have been cool saying I drank Tequila with an astronaut's wife!

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