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Saturday, 26 July 2008



I love the choreography. You have nice grass, too.


Tavish is not getting a hair cut until I am ready to cut it. It totally suits him having it all crazy like that. Poor Jango... Damn we have some cute kids!!!

Émilie B

Mark's right with the grass. Did you cheat and call the green grass people?

Tavish is getting too big for riding Jango, I'm sure you have noticed. (But I'm one to talk... my toddler is turning two tomorrow, and he's also growing up pretty darn fast.)

That's a sweet portrait of Tavish, with the light on his pale hair and clear eyes.


*LOL* Love the picture of your son trying to ride the dog!!!

Great pics Simon!


Mark and Émy,

yes, we did call the green grass people. Hafta do something to combat the effects of the dog leavings, you know?

Amy darling,

We do indeed have some very cute kids.


Tavish barely got on Jango's back and the dog was OUTTA there. 35 pound kid versus 10 pound dog isn't much of a contest.

Moksha Gren

Synchronized stomping behind a dog...risky little dance move.

And yeah, I'm jealous of the grass. I mean, not super jealous or anything since i'm not really a yard care guy. But in a general, "hey, that'd be nice if my yard looked that good but I'm not going to do anything to make that happen" sort of way.


Cute! Tavish is so cute.


BTW, Have I mentioned I LOVE the names you and your wife have given your children!

If I may ask, how did you come up with them?



My efforts don't really go beyond regular (weekly) mowing. Plus, we get fertilized four times a season to try to keep it green. That's about it.


We think so too, but thanks for the affirmation!


Asking me to talk about my boys is like handing me some chocolate: I'll never say no. Amy first came up with "Declan" for our first-born after she started watching a show called "Mysterious Ways". The lead character on that show was named Declan Dunn, and she always liked that name. I didn't really have any say in the matter, so it's a good thing I generally approved. Me, I had "Tavish" selected for our first son's name (from a baby book of 30,000 names), but it got vetoed by my darling wife because it sounded like a silly last name. Then she was at the pool one afternoon when Dex was about six months old and she heard some father calling to his son, Tavish. After hearing that name out loud it started to appeal to her a lot more, and so I got my wish with the second boy child.

Both names, I think, are of Irish Gaelic origin, though that wasn't intentional at the beginning.

Now you know.


I notice that Amy is the only one saying "poor Jango." It's been a while since we've heard anything about old Jango, come to think of it.


Thanks Simon...!

You have a wonderful family...

Moksha Gren

Congrats on the 16 pounds, Si. However, I'd still say the best weight loss program for you would be total weightlessness. How's that comin'?


Oh. OH. Oh. Beauties, eh. Wow.

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