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Monday, 07 July 2008



I like the arbitrary numbering in the post title.

Nice zinger, Amy.

Moksha Gren

Yes, hardwood floors do match just about any curtains. And they're fun to slide around on ;)


*LOL* Nice going Amy!!!!

I'd have probably told the guy to stare real hard, and I'd make it do a trick for him... then poured a drink on his face! *LOL*



Amy excels at the zingers. When they're not directed AT me, I enjoy them even more.


I'm going to have to remember that "hardwood floor" comment, that's both appropriate AND seems like a double-entendre.


I have trouble picturing YOU in a short skirt, but the image is certainly worthy of a chuckle.

Moksha Gren

Yeah, at first I was going to say "tile floor"...but hardwood just had a better zing to it.

Ok, I'm gonna move onto your next post because I feel kinda dirty when you trick me into thinking about your wife's...hardwood ;)


What? You don't like my legs! *gasp*

Have you been peeking up my skirt????

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