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Thursday, 03 July 2008



that was not sweat on Declan's face, it was a beverage that he spilled while drinking it. It really was a good day.

Émilie B

Good colour in those pics. Fun Nemo cap!

It's almost noon and now I feel like having a hot dog, but there's none in the house, it's raining buckets out there and the baby's asleep after getting her shots. Despair!

Oh well. Canada is still a great place to be. :)



Hush, dear. I'm trying to create the illusion of sweating assassins and you're totally ruining it! (But yes it was a good day.)


Tav insists on wearing that hat every time we go outside, and always backwards. Great conversation starter, let me tell you. It's really sunny and warm here, if it's any consolation to your raining despondency.

Moksha Gren

I wasn't particularly worried about the veracity of the whole assassin storyline...until Amy chimed in and disputed the drink thing. In that whole story the only detail your wife felt needed correcting was that Dex wasn't really sweating?! It seems Amy was merely concerned that people understand that her son would never have such a wussified reaction to the gruesome task at hand.

Great pictures though. I love the climbing shot of Tav and the shot of both of them eating hotdogs. And I'm glad Canada day went so well for you. It's looking like some rain may make an appearance on our own patriotic festivities...but no matter. What's a little rain compared to music, beer, and explosives?

Happy Patriotic Holiday to everyone!!


Yay! He reappears. Notice how patiently we all waited. No shoving or pushing in line. And you wore our t-shirt no less. Today is a very good day...


M. le Gren,

Music, beer and explosives indeed, good sir. What could make a day any better, really? Tav climbing is probably my favourite one as well. It's kind of hard to stand there and observe one's bare-footed two year-old going all Spider-Man on playground equipment, but the bumps and bruises are par for the course.


I forgot that I wore my "Piper's Address at Midnight" shirt on Tuesday. I was looking for something light, white and comfy, and that than fulfilled my needs. It's one of my best summer shirts.

Moksha Gren

Thank you, Marian, for reminding me. I was so excited to see the Simian return, that I forgot to mention how excited I was to see the Simian return.

Welcome back, Simon. It's good to be back here and stretching out on this oh-so-familiar virtual couch.


Bravo for the return of my fellow Blogfathers!

Loved the Nemo cap. Benjamin has one that he loves to wear, but not just like that one.

The assassin plot fit the pictures nicely. At least, I'm pretty sure you didn't have it in mind while snapping the photos, right?

I like that Amy managed to capture the temporary Canadian flag tat on your manly arm, Simon.

What a great day. I hope our country's birthday thingie goes as well (or better, but you know, it's not a competition).



I'll see if I can keep the crumbs dusted off for you. I'd like to make your stay comfortable. Try the continental breakfast!


You can be *pretty* sure I didn't have it in mind while snapping photos, yes. And thank you for saying I have a manly arm. I've been doing push-ups lately; I'm pleased you noticed.

Moksha Gren

It's just lucky that picture was taken with your manly arm toward the camera. The shot wouldn't have been quite as captivating had we been given a close-up of your girly arm instead.


Man, I never realized how tough a Nemo cap makes a guy look.


Excellent pictures! (I only hope you don't have to use them as evidence at some future trial...)


Just what is in Tavish's hotdogs that make him look so much bigger and taller than his older brother?

And that's an intriguingly minimalistic banner you've got going there this month. If I pull out my magnifying glass, will I be able to read 'Simian Farmer' on the balloon?

Good to see you back, Simon. It seems intermittent reinforcement works in both directions!


Hey! Good to see you're all having a fine time in the sun and that more cute piccies and posts will follow. Was just a few posts ago you were besieged by mountains of snow...

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