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Sunday, 20 April 2008


Moksha Gren

I'm so sorry, Si. I know I made comments to the effect that you should give me my good weather back...but now that it's happened, I feel bad for you. I noticed on the weather this morning that you guys were gettign hit, but the pictures make it even worse.

Hang in there, man. Spring is near. It may be buried under snow right now...but it's there somewhere. And worst case scenario, you'll get a taste of warmth in just 19 days.


Sorry to hear the weather took a nasty turn.
Our weather has taken a turn for the better, been in the 70's and 80's already, and I'm VERY glad!

Hope you get sunshine and warm weather soon bud!



No need for you to apologise, really. I'll get back at you in a few weeks' time. After all, you don't think that little 5.2 tremor in Missouri was COMPLETE coincidence, now, do you?


I'm hoping for the sun, soon, indeed. April blizzards suck ass. (He says as it's blizzarding out his office window RIGHT NOW.)


Oh man, that's depressing. That's how it was here 10 days ago! I hope that thing isn't heading our way... I'm off to check the radar.

Émilie B

Ouch. All our snow melted off in the last days, and my mom kindly raked the whole of our backyard this afternoon. Frank has plans to take out the BBQ. Sorry, Si!

The good news is, if it's the same for you as it was for us, spring will wipe off winter in 3 to 4 days, and you'll find yourself facing summer in no time.



I wouldn't wish it on you, that's for sure. Even with the snow, a little peek of the sun would be nice.


The forecast is for this weather to stick around until at least Thursday, so our hope for a quick melt is delayed until at LEAST the weekend. We're hoping to host Declan's birthday party out in the backyard this year, and that's only two weeks away!


Our neck of the woods missed all of that. We got a lot of freezing rain though. That BBQ looks pathetic. I know what it is capable of!

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