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Tuesday, 22 April 2008



It's really amazing how places of similar latitude can have such drastically different climates (as the French sorely discovered when they first settled in N.A.). I mean, Ottawa has been enjoying, what, 25 degree weather (that's 77 degrees for our south of the border friends)?

Of course, you probably don't want to hear about that kind of thing right now.

Anyway, hilarious prose...assuming some storytelling liberties have been taken. If not, then you are indeed a creepy, creepy man, but no doubt you will soon be dug out by a cluster of psych phd students anxious to study the effects of neverending winters on people.


Alec, what about the post would leave you thinking that *any* liberties were taken in the telling??

25 degrees in Ottawa? Christ... it's that here, too. In Fahrenheit.


I hope to gods that liberties were taken. 'Cuz with all that happened, we wouldn't want the wee ones seeing 300. Lost fingers, whether to frostbite or burn, and lost dogs, we can handle. But displaying all that bloody violence for their tiny eyes to see? The humanity!

Moksha Gren

My sympathies were stirred until you let your one, guarenteed food source run away to be enjoyed by wolves. Your survival instincts are lamentable, Mr. Simian, and it sadly seems your son will be the one to suffer for your oversight.

I would have been willing to open a chat session to share some of my survivalist tricks of the trade...but I'm just not willing to deal with your 56k connection.

But, I'll keep my (unfrostbitten) fingers crossed for ya.



There *may* have been a few liberties taken. I cannot say which ones. (But no, we didn't let the wee ones watch 300. Instead, we re-enacted it for them.)


Amy would never have allowed me to eat Jango. "Accidentally" leaving him outside too long was my only means of eliminating him. Honest. And don't feel bad about not wanting to chat with me via 56k. I wouldn't have wanted to do that either.


Well, I sure hope the sunshine comes out soon for you...

(should I tell you we're heading for another 80+ degree day up here in CT?)

Fare well poor soul... resist the urge...

Émilie B

Mommy Nature sure seems like she's out to get Alberta for something.

Émilie B

Oh, and I'm laughing at the prose, not your situation. Honest.


I found nothing but disappearing evidence of paw prints much too large to attribute to a Jack Russell...

Just a bit of wishful thinking there, eh?


Hmm, your post about this lovely bout of winter in spring was far more amusing than mine. I think I mostly whined. Seriously, wtf? Why is the bloody snow not melting? I want that weekend back where it was plus 25 and I was hanging out at the park with my kids. Please tell me we don't have to wait until July for that to happen...



The weekend looks incredibly promising for warmer weather and lots of melting. Fingers crossed. Nothing in the 80+ range, mind you, but we ARE a wee bit further north, so I'll take what I can get right now.


I know you're not laughing at my situation. Really. You're above that. At least now we can all laugh at Manitoba and how they're getting what we got. HA!


Not *really* wishful thinking. Just... well, idle daydreaming, say.


Thank you for providing someone with whom I can truly commiserate! WTF! indeed. If we have to wait until July... well, let's not really consider what that will mean, m'kay?


Saw this today and thought of you.


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