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Wednesday, 16 April 2008



Ummm, don't bulldoze the Indians, but destroy their herbs so they don't come back so you don't bulldoze them. Very clever!


I like how Tasha figured it out. Very nice.

That's rough, man. I can almost hear your brain gears grinding through this one. I just hope you don't get Dooced.

Moksha Gren

Well, I'm glad to hear that at least some of the money I'm dumping into my gas tank is flowing up to your economy. It helps dull the pain to put a face on it ;)

And what better allowances do those crazy elders want than a freshly paved road leading directly to their herbs? That's convenience, man!!

I'm glad you get to put your pedantry to good use in a venue in which your efforts will actually make a difference. Cuz, getting on to me about my errors (while funny) just won't change anything :)


I just watched a documentary about Manitoba Hydro and how they screw over the Indians, only to discover the absolutely-not-known fact that we, down HERE, get our power from Manitoba Hydro! Gaaaa.

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