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Tuesday, 01 April 2008



Am I the only one to think of asking...:

What's a "Jango"???? *LOL*


Now that's some funny shiznit right there.

And, Dave, you should be ashamed for having to ask that question. Jango Fett is Boba Fett's son.

Moksha Gren

I seriously hope you're joking, Mark. I'll assume that you are and move one.

Very nice banner, Simon. Cool color effect. But...he sleeps with his magnadoodle? That can't be a comfy snuggle.

Émilie B

Kid logic is infallible.



Jango, as well as being the name of the father of the most nefarious bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen, is the name of our dog.


I too will seriously hope that you got the paternity mixed up there on purpose. And move on.


All I did for the banner was reduce the colour saturation by about... well, a lot. I never spend more than about 5 or 10 minutes on a banner after I pick out the picture. THAT part can take me an hour sometimes though.

It's weird about the sleeping thing. He only insists that his backpack and his drawing board are at the foot of his bed so he knows they're there. A comfort presence thing, I guess.


Yes. Yes, kid logic IS infallible. They're uncannily deductive creatures.


What he sleep with is cool. It's logical. What isn't logical is Jake sleeping with his dirty clothes. He will get them out of the hamper and tuck them into bed with thim. WTF?????


Ah, so analytical it's scary.


Moksha - I just reversed them when typing it. Yikes. That does look pretty bad.


Mine slept with an old shirt of mine he called "shirtee." I guess I can understand that more than dirty laundry. Mabe Jake empathizes with his dirty clothes all alone in the dark hamper?


I asked him why and his only reason was "because I like'm"

Fair enough.

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