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Sunday, 13 April 2008



What a great day. Ben and I managed to get outside today, but with the wind and the cooler weather (well, 55 degrees vs. the 80 we had last week) we donned jackets.

Nothing like a pet chunk of snow being usurped by a pet chunk of limestone.

So, they were hitting each other with your truck? Maybe they were Spiderman and Doc Apple-Pores, after all. Doesn't Tavish know that Doc Apple-Cores would be much cuter? I thought you said these kids were smart. Sheesh.

Moksha Gren

Yes, this weekend is a weather enigma. Edmonton has been posting temperatures about 20 degrees higher than here in Missouri. Dont' get me wrong, I'm happy to share. But don't get too comfortable with our weather...I'll be wanting it back pretty soon.

I'm impressed with Tav's double sword wielding technique, quite the swash-buckler.

And really, you should be proud of Dex. His heart strings so fully dictated by logic. Sure, the snow is a fleeting joy...but in the end he went for something that would last..and wouldn't freeze his fingers. I know many people far older than Dex who have yet to learn these lessons.


We're about 2 weeks away from that kind of weather still, but I can feel it coming, despite this weekend's blizzard. Dex is definitely growing into his boy face and losing the baby softness. I always think he looks like you and Tavish looks like Amy, but that's just my superficial take on it. Glad you had such a lovely weekend...

And how well I remember all the neighborhood boys playing with sticks (swords, guns, rifles) when mine was that age. And then fighting over who took whose stick.


Great pictures of the incredibly cute kids Simon!!!
Love the picture of the moon too..

Émilie B

Great catching of the moon. Was it offered to your darling wife? ;)

We had a snowstorm on Saturday. Gah!! They're forecasting 10 to 15C all week, though, maybe that'll make up for it.

How tall is Tav?! Xav is about 35". And fv will correct me if I'm wrong, but Ben's either level or a little taller than that. Boys, boys, boys...



After the weekend tease, it's back to cooler days here for most of this week. Overcast and chilly as I type this. I think April is the least predictable of months. Certainly around here. I'll work on Tavish getting his Pores straight from his Cores. He's a belligerent little pecker though, so no guarantees.


You can have your weather back in about 25 days. Give or take. Mmm'kay? Dex's logical leaps are sometimes incredibly astounding to us. He and Tavish are definitely turning into younger versions of me and Amy, respectively.


Must be part of your lake-boundedness, eh? Superior's a harsh mistress... And I'm sure our boys will be fighting over sticks for several years to come.


Thanks. My smallified pic of the moon for the blog doesn't do justice to how much better the bigger one looks.


I SHOULD have offered the moon to Amy. I'm normally smarter than that! Sucks that you guys are getting even MORE snow this week. The weekend JUST melted the last of it for us, so we're fervently hoping that we've seen the end of it for this winter season. As for height, I can tell you that he's "Crotch-height", but beyond that I don't have an exact measurement. I'll have to get back to you on that.

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