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Monday, 17 March 2008



*LOL* Who was he trying to call?


I love that. Have a nice trip, Declan. Send us a postcard from space.



He was counting down the rows of the phone buttons, but going from right to left.


I think sometimes that Dex is already up there and only leaves his shell of a form back here on Earth to keep us company.

Jayson Merryfield

I've always wanted to meet an astronaut. Or an alien. Any thoughts as to which he is?


*LOL* I get it now!! Excellent!


I was going to say that he had a countdown breakdown, but if he was going by the rows on the phone, then that's a different story.

Too funny.

To answer Jason, I'll say that he's neither an astronaut nor and alien, but a combination. He's an astralien! No worries, mate!

Moksha Gren

A Fraser mesmerized by numeric patterns? How strange ;)

Although I feel that poor, lowly zero must feel a little left out.
Two! (Yea, he's one my row!)
Five! (oh boy, almost my turn!!)
Eight! (I'm next! I'm next!!)
One! (What the f%*k?!?!)

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