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Sunday, 23 March 2008



Just returned from Easter ourselves (is that a word?). The munchkin is asleep and now I'm being hailed to unload the minivan.



Whew. Got that out of the way.

Great pics of the kids' Easter Egg quest. We saw a couple of those sugar crashes, too.

Actual quote from our Easter Eve while the kids dyed eggs: "Remember, Easter's all about God," said my SIL as she lifted an egg from the tray of green dye.


My son's early Easters involved grand outdoor candy hunts with dozens of cousins on his grandparents' farm. Usually they were followed by days of vomiting and irritability. Good times.


Sounds like both boys had a real great time Simon!!!

How about you? Did you have fun? *LOL*

Émilie B

Can't wait until Xavier's old enough to do the egg hunt thing; it should be fun. Of course, that will mean he's old enough to know that we're eating the chocolate people give him.

You have nice enough weather for kids to go out without hats, over there? Lucky... they're forecasting 6 more weeks of winter weather over here; yesterday was COLD. I was counting on April to make things better, but it will probably let us down. Spring is due in May... that's late, me thinks.

Moksha Gren

I love the picture of the sugar-crashing Dex. Blurry and teary in the background..just perfect. Not that I enjoying watching your son weep or anything...it's just a funny shot.

Norah caught on to the egg hunt thing pretty well this year. Granted, the "hiding" was pretty minimal, but she grasped the idea that there were good things inside those plactic containers. She'd squeel with delight when she found one and then run back to the very spot that she started the hunt. Opening eggs could apparently only happen on that spot. Then she'd set out again in search of more Easter booty.

I just can't wait til I can get devilish with my hiding. My brother and I did egg hunts for each other long after our parents gave up the tradition. Hiding and seeking is just a great idea for a holiday, if you ask me.

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