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Tuesday, 26 February 2008



Lil' ol' me? I can chat with the Simian Farmer?

I just don't know what to say. Except that I probably won't be doing it during work hours. You must have an actual office where nobody can see your screen. Of course, that doesn't stop the IT department from spying on you.

Just thought I'd plant that little thought in your head. Spying on Internet use was once part of my job.


Nope, no green bubble this morning... but then again, it IS quite early for you! *chuckling*


So there you are ostensibly online and NOT RESPONDING to a chat?! You are a cruel and heartless tease.


Yet another way the internet is making sure I never get anything done!


someone was trying to chat with you this morning after you left BTW. You forgot to sign out and left them hanging. You may want to work on your chatting manners Simon. Very neat little trick there.



If work wants to spy on me, they can. To completely separate work from personal life is ludicrous. They know what I get done for them. Stick it to the Man, man!


You are normally up and surfing a lot earlier than I am, 'tis true.


My bad. Sorry.


Uh, isn't that what the internet is for? Other than pr0n, I mean.


Manners. Yes. I'm on it.

Moksha Gren

Where was this neato little devise back when I had extra time during my work day? You roll out these new temptations when I'm buried to my eyeballs in post-sale chaos. "You're a mean one...Mr. Simian..."

Seriously though, I look forward to testing out your new internet elves.

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