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Sunday, 10 February 2008


Émilie B

Great pyjamas, guys!


You only thought you got rid of the boxer. Now you have two!

Man, somebody stop me. I'm on fire!

Seriously, though, I love the box masks. The French on them threw me a bit at first (especially its prominence on the Cheerios box), but before the clock could tick again I remembered, "Oh, yeah, Canada."



What confuses me most is when Tavish starts wearing a pair of pyjamas that used to be Declan's. I don't know how my wife keeps them all straight.


Of course it never occurs to me to think twice about the bilingual labelling on everything. I know half of the little French I do because of that.

Flocons de mais!!


*ROTFLMAO* A pampers box is all you could find???
Good grief that's funny...!

Moksha Gren

Of all the whiz-bang toys on the market...it's tough to beat a good cardboard box (or Mark's cape). And I'll stand with ya on the Pampers box, it already had an eye hole in it. Path of least resistence, man.

It's so cool that that even with only their eyes showing, you can tell exactly who it who. The mischievious crinkle to Dex's eyes and those brilliant blues of Tav's.



Pampers boxes have the run of our basement. (At least until I take the recycling out.) Whatever amuses them...


It's the impromptu toys that are almost invariably the best, you're right. The built-in eye hole on the Pampers box was what drew me to it in the first place. Those are distinctive eyes, aren't they??

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