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Thursday, 21 February 2008



Awesome pics, and the last one is the most fun. The first is perhaps the best.

I've thought for a long time that sippy cups for adults are long overdue.

The snow fort rocks!


There's a 16 oz and a 25 oz model of a bottle that is, in essence, and adult sippy. Oh, wait, for you that would be .5 liter and .75 liter, respectively.

Émilie B

Love the light in all of these, especially the last two.

The first three pics are artfully beautiful, and the last one is just an overdose of cute, so no points there, you cheater.



Pic posts are easily engaging for my readers, and little effort on my part. Everyone wins! And for me to enjoy an adult sippy, it would have to be at least a full litre, but thanks for the link.


Thanks for the kudos, and I have no qualms about cheating with cute pictures. I see that you've put up a few of your own today too, so what's good for the goose...


Just made me smile today, thanks.



That final photo is to die for.


Oh what WONDERFUL pictures Simon!!!!

Moksha Gren

Excellent, excellent, sir. The top picture is truly adorable. Not you specifically, you understand, but rather the father-son close-up aspect.

The toothbrushing picture is sweet, too. Although Tav looks like the thing is shocking him or something. Some horrible torture he is forced to endure. And Dex looks like the mad scientist who invented the cruel, cruel toothbrush.

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