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Tuesday, 19 February 2008



Wow. High of about 68 F here today, and expected 63 tomorrow.

I feel for you guys, even though you obviously don't need me to do so. I could revel in that much snow for about a day or two, and then I'd probably be finished.

Snowflakes up there are kind of like Republicans down here -- it's fun to rake them all up into a pile and maybe even build things out of them, or write your name by peeing on them, but eventually you start thinking, "couldn't they all just melt already. Damn!"

See, I don't like to get political on my blog, but I can on someone else's!


Above freezing! You lucky dog. Kids around here go out in t-shirts if it's above freezing. This morning we're at -14F (-25C). And just forget about the wind chill. Maybe we'll have your weather next week. Snow forts are great. One winter we built an actual functioning igloo—back in the winters when we used to get real snowfall, not the miserly stuff we get these days.

Moksha Gren

Ah, a post after my own heart. Three cheers for snow forts!!

You guys have a heat wave, we got hit with an arctic cold blast...meaning we have realtively the same temperatures this week. But we have no snow to play in [sniff sniff]

Moksha Gren

Mark - Nice...make your political jokes where Charles can't argue, eh?


Is there and American using Canadian slang on here??? hmmm it is a good thing we like you Justin.



Your politically subversive statement was delightful and entertaining. Let me just say this: OBAMA'08!! Now that he's won Hawaii, that 10 primaries in a row and he has Hillary on the ropes. Huzzah!


Kids around here are in T-shirts when it's around freezing too. They're still bitterly cold, but dammit, they look cool!


We don't have nearly enough piled to dig into (nor is it dense enough even if it were deep enough), but I do think we could withstand a significant bombardment from the sidewalk.


Yeah, I think we like Just.... erm, Moksha. At least enough to put up with him in a virtual realm.

Just....erm Moksha

It's true...I'm much more difficult to put up with in person. Just ask my wife.

Sorry for co-opting your Canadian slang. It's tough to be surrounded by such International coolness without trying in vain to fit in. And with that, I'm on my way over to Timmie's for a double-double.

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