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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Alec Lynch

Guy Kay, eh? Yeah, I've heard a couple good things about him, I think.

The latest Jasper Fforde (you just like the name because there's more silent letters than pronounced?) is high on my to read list.

Hitchhiker's Guide: Brilliant

Game of Kings: Also Brilliant

Firefly graphic novel: Lacking much of the humour of the show, but connected to Firefly nonetheless and so...brilliant.

Hmm. It seems my comments to your blog as well as Paul's (during his 100 movie posts) are limited to exclamations of "Oh yeah!"


There we are, once again, in book telepathy. I reread Game of Kings while in Scotland and have just started on Queen's Play. Want to race again? ;D

Ooh, Eyre Affair. Impeccable taste. I really, really want to pick up the newest Thursday Next installment but the cover art is SO off-putting I haven't yet. And does it ever matter, if Polish GGK cover art is any indication!

Émilie B

Hum, *I* read two books at the same time. :} In fact, I think I'm up to three now : one was a little too boring and dragging, so it was put aside when fresh literature came in. I started on another one, which is ok, but some nights I'd rather just jump to the third one, which is a fun read.

Fun meme. :)


I have seen you with more than two books on the go. You took a break from Moby to read something else I know for sure and I think you were working your way through a Dale Carnegie for that course you took in the fall at about the same time... Just so you know. I remember, I have a mind like a steel trap.


My wife has a mind like a steel trap, too. Most of the time that's a good thing.

I'm sure these are great choices, but besides lots of the Shakespeare, I haven't read a single one. Except the Firefly graphic novel, but I read it in the original individual comic books. Isn't that what the graphic novel is -- just those comic books slapped together into one book? They fill in some gaps.

I read a Piers Anthony novel or two back when a friend was nuts about him. I don't think I finished Hasan, probably because I started driving when I was about half way through the book. Piers? Or girls? It was a no-brainer for me (no smart-ass comments on that).


Oh, and I did this meme, too. It's my post for 2/14.

Jayson Merryfield

I don't know that reading for a course quite counts in the two-or-more-books-at-once measurement scale. If anything, reading a book along with a textbook is almost required: it reminds you that not everything is mundane and lifeless and full of jargon and figures and calculations.

Or maybe those are just the auditing books I've been reading.

I think I'll take up your gauntlet when i get home tonight.... nice list though. I second your thoughts on Moby Dick - reading it is almost tantamount to literary spelunking, delving deeper and deeper never quite sure where it all is going to end but enjoying the breathless claustrophobia of it.

Moksha "Lazy Tit" Gren

I can't say I've read many of these books, but I look forward to reading your Guy Kay as soon as I can.

I tend to have at least two books going at once. Usually one non-fiction and one fiction. Two fictions at once would be tought for me to hold in my head, but non-fiction stacks well.

I'll accept your tagging and see what I can get out this weekend. I've been working far too much lately and my blog is suffering. But, when you're still up working at 3:30 am...it's tough to write stuff. I really thought my unemployment would be more restful :(


Funny, my first book like that was also "A Spell for Chameleon," and it set me off on a lifetime of reading fantasy and SF. My favorite Kay books are the Fionavar trilogy, and The Darkest Road always gets me blubbering. That has to be his single most beautiful book, although I think Tigana comes close.

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