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Tuesday, 05 February 2008



Wow, I never knew you were Scottish Simon!!!

Excellent story and pictures... Someday I hope to visit Scotland.. (I've already been to England and Ireland...)

Again, excellent job.

Moksha Gren

Wonderful recap, Si. I'm glad you had such a good time. I have to admit though that the image of a plate of haggis being paraded in like a king is a bit surreal to me. But then...maybe some of my favorite foods could benefit from a claymore filled entrace. I mean...what couldn't really?

I really do wish sometimes that I had some sort of cultural anchor like you do. Pure-blooded American mutt that I am, I don't have many roots that go any deeper than my grandparents. I envy that

I love the last photo. Curse my hectic work right now...such delightful photoshop possibilities had I the time ;)


"And then, O what a glorious sicht,
Warm-reekin, rich!"

Only with Scots and haggis, would "reekin" mean something positive.

Oh, and may I say that's an impressively sized censored bubble you've got there.


That's a pretty big censor sign you've got there. Amy must be pleased!


Well, THAT was worth the wait.

Émilie B

I like the next-to-last pic best, sorry. Scrolling slowly down, it goes "classy tux, classy tux, classy tux... skirts!". Mind, they're classy skirts. ;)


Yay! Burns night looks and sounds like an absolute blast. I couldn't help noticing that you looked like one of the few young folks there. Is attending Burns Night a dying art?

I feel like Moksha does -- a little envious (dare I ascribe that to him?) over your having such a rich cultural tradition. I have Irish blood, and might pass for such considering my freckles, but then my blue eyes might ruin it. Oh well.

Plus, the Scots get to wear kilts and all that garb.

Just a cool wrap-up, man. And my meeting with a bagpiper wasn't nearly as much fun, I'm sure.



Technically, I'm only about a quarter Scottish, the rest being comprised of mostly German, Polish, and rumours of Irish. But I have the Scotch last name, and kilts are uber-cool, so I ran with it.


A good time was had by all, indeed. As it is every year. The surreal aura does nothing but add to that. And cultural anchors are good, to be sure. They still don't count for balls if you don't have a reliable sense of self that doesn't depend upon it. And if photoshop were important enough to you, you'd make the time! ;)


Every time I think of (or have the pleasure to eat) haggis, I can only ever think of that line from Mike Myers in "So I Married an Axe Murderer," where he said, in response to someone's critique of haggis, "I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare."


Amy is pleased, generally. That's all I'll say. And a large part of me hopes she doesn't say any more.


So, it was good for you too, eh?


Classy skirts is a highly acceptable alternative to calling them kilts. Thanks.


I don't think attending Burns suppers is a dying art. In fact, it's quite alive and well. Burns suppers are held - in some form or other - in well over 100 countries around the globe. In fact, between the day preceding the 25th and the day after, it would be safe to say that there is a Burns supper going on every minute of the day for that entire span of time. The issue with our own local Burns supper is that it's very much an Old Boys' Club, and you have to know someone who knows someone in order to get in. Takes a while to earn that right, for most.

moira boot

Is it posible to get a copy of the response from the lassies at your last burns supper?
thank you

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