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Sunday, 27 January 2008



If that's winter's reminder, then I'd hate to see what happened if you ignored it and it had to repeat itself. That wouldn't be pretty.

Your face was frozen into that smiling position, right? Jiminy, that's cold!


Love the frost pictures, by the way. Such beauty right there, overlooked every day.


Gorgeous frost pictures Simon!!

What a great brother... helping you out!

Moksha Gren

Truly lovely pictures, Si. It's wonderful how you keep finding the the silver lining to the bitter cold. And though I probably shouldn't enjoying mentioning this as much as I'm about to...being who I am, I feel the need to mention that the temperatures here in St Louis sprang up from their recent negative numbers to allow me to enjoy a sunny, little bike ride this weekend.

(sorry) ;)

Looking forward to the Burns supper details.


Post Addendum:

It was even colder this morning when we woke up. Temp sitting at -30°C with the wind chill pushing that down below -45°C. My truck didn't really want to start, but I coaxed her into turning over, good girl that she is.

Plus, when Amy went to drop Dex off at pre-school, there had been a water main break that caused a section of the church basement to flood (not the pre-school part), so school was cancelled for the day. One student brought cupcakes from his birthday on Sunday, so those went a small way to assuaging the disappointment. Then Amy got stuck in a snow drift in the parking lot when she tried to head home and relied on the good graces of two ladies who were also there to witness her misfortune.

Fun day, with more of the same forecast for most of this week.

Mark, yeah my face was partly frozen into that rictus of forced humour in the picture there. Fun is more a state of mind than a reality sometimes.

Dave, my brother being there REALLY sped up the shovelling thing. Thank goodness for the assistance!

Moksha, I'll try not to be envious of your delightfully temperate clime just now. If I wasn't so busy shaking from the cold I'd give you a stern fist-shaking. Burns supper was just fabulous (again), and I'll post those pics right quick.

Moksha Gren

I'll save you the effort and just read your shivering as rage thrown in my direction. It's the thought that counts anyway.

Sucks about all the cold related issues disrupting your day up there. It's so cold that even Edmonton was caught unprepared. That's scary, my friend.


We had a few relatively "mild" days and then yesterday it drizzled in the evening, and then the temperature plunged, so every road and sidewalk in the city is hard glare ice. Fun trying to cross the parking lot and get into the building to work today! Your weather is swooping down upon us as I write...

emilie b.

Don't send that cold weather East, plz. We've been faring quite well in the last day or two, with nice slush weather announced for part of this week. As if spring was coming our way (although I know that's probably illusion, still).

Lovely frost pics. I really like the dark background.


We got that crappy blast of winter hell too. When it is -52 with the wind, it should be mandatory that we stay in bed and just hibernate.

Moksha Gren

You'll be pleased to know that St Louis just got slammed with about 8" of snow and a complete loss of that heat wave I was bragging about. I shoveled snow this morning and imagined you laughing at me from far away ;)

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