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Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Émilie B

Oh my, I sure hope bacteria finds some incentive to desert your abode for a little while once Dex gets better. Get well soon, wee Fraser!

PS. "n'est-ce pas?"


Yeah, our little tike has been under the weather. Frought with mucous and sporting a fever that seemed to know no bounds (hit 104.7 F before we even knew he was sick!), the little guy was up, down, often filling his bed with sweat when he'd break his fever at night. The next day we'd think he was okay, and then the fever returned. Doctor said no flu, no strep (they tested for them), and sent us home with the age-old instruction, "Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest."

So, Ben did at least one of those (you can lead a kid to water, too, apparently), and after about five days finally was fever-free.

Sucks when your wee one is ill.

Go Burns Night! Just because you have a big honkin' camera now doesn't mean you have to forget you still have a little one. Come one, we need pics!! Or is it a matter of not wanting to incriminate anybody? Boys getting old enough now that you might embarrass them?


I was standing in the grocery store the other day getting something for dinner and bumped into a friend who was just recovering from some kind of upper respiratory thing. He said, "I feel like I'm always sick."

And I thought, fool that I am, "Gee, I haven't had a cold in a really long time—can't remember the last time! Feel kind of guilty about that."

Needless to say, next day I woke up sick. So—my commiserations. Hope everyone is all better soon! And hope you're feeling tip top for Burns Day.

Moksha Gren

It's been a rougher winter than I can remember in recent years. My wife has been down with illness of one kind or another about 4 times, myself twice, and Little Lutine a smattering herself. Very unusual for the typically resistant grens.

I had nearly forgotten about the upcoming Burns Night. I'm saddened there will be no pictures this year, but look forward to the stories none-the-less.

Get well, Frasers (even Uncle Buster)


Émy, thank you. Correction pending.

Mark, I think the fever would be worse that the snotty noses and coughing we've been dealing with. Kids running a high temperature are always scarier than the other sick symptoms. Unless they start developing vampiric powers. then I'd really be scared.

Marian, everyone is already starting to feel better. We have two humidifiers running in the house as I speak (write) to ward off the incredibly dry air we have all winter and hopefully relieve some of the coughing. And NOTHING could prevent me from attending my Burns Supper!

Moksha, having been chided by both you and Mark now, I may feel pressured enough to tote my camera along to the hotel and snap a few shots of haggis, dancing, piping, kilted gents and a room full of flags and old men. Like, really old. I think the median age there every year is somewhere in the 70s.


I hope everyone feels better soon there Simon...

Have a great weekend...

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