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Saturday, 19 January 2008



Simon, you're a man of many facets.


Yeah, well, still waters run deep and all that. Or sometimes they're really, really shallow...



Hey, that toy reminds me of the Stretch Armstrong character I had as a kid.

That other thing? Well, that just makes me think that any guy who tries that will end up with a major injury, if he doesn't get accidentally Lorena Babbitized.

Émilie B

It's really incredible that your vast knowledge of words includes both very long and cultivated nouns and adverbs nobody uses out of the dictionary... and such bawdy expressions.

Moksha Gren

Tav's face does seem to indicate that he does not approve of you and Amy's humor. "That's inapproprate, Mommy."

As for the new terms you've taught us...um. I mean, let's ignore the obvious jerkishness it would require for a moment, it just seems like going out of your way to really piss off a person who has you in a rather vunerable position (as Mark mentions.)


There is a whole lot of you there in Tavish's face, Simon.


Remember folks, it was my wife who was saying that silly stuff. I, uh... I just understood what she was saying, is all.

Fun at home!


*LOL* What a face...! Unimpressed indeed!


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