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Monday, 14 January 2008



You have my express permisson to recycle our Xmas card with pleasure. You must, however, memorize our newsletter word for word.

Just cuz.

Sorry you were sick. Stomach flus are awful for everyone.

Émilie B

This further confirms my theory that New Year wishes of health and joy are just the best conduit for sharing viruses and bacteria. "Best wishes of health... here take my stomach flu to start 2008 with!"


Dude, that blows.

Chunks, that is.

But seriously, sorry about all the puking at your house. Neither Shannon nor I can take much of that kind of thing, so we were blessed with the right child in that respect (only two pukes in 4.5 years, and one was strictly due to car sickness, and that includes spit-up). I'm not bragging or rubbing it in when I say that. It's just a mind-boggling statistic no matter whose kid it is. In fact, I'm not sure he's human.

You know, besides glancing as I walked by a demo in an electronics store, I never saw Guitar Hero in action until this past Christmas.

And it was Guitar Hero III. To me, it was neat to see today's teenagers enjoying those old songs. Some newer songs, too, but also classics like "Magic Carpet Ride."

What a great afternoon, except for your grand finale. I'm going to have to cook up an afternoon like that for myself one of these days. I guess my night of playing Halo (for the first time ever) with Sheik was pretty cool.


Well, as excuses go, I guess this one will have to do. But ball hockey? Have you no ice?


*Car...GAME ON*

Moksha Gren

I had heard about Tavish fountain from Amy, but it's no less upseting to hear about again. Sick kids are tough to take. I'd much rather be sick than have Norah take the brunt of it...both for her sake and for mine. But, I'm glad things seem to be settling back down to normal.

I haven't played Guitar Hero III, although I spent many an hour on the first one. My circle of friends have been on a Rock Band kick of late. Basically Guitar Hero with drums, mic, and bass. Pure geek bliss, man.

Our Christmas cards are still in our kitchen for the exact same reason. We'll probably store away the pictures in a nice little file but launch the cards (even the hand made ones.) They've served their duty of spreading joy...hanging onto them past their time seems to defeat the purpose. In other words, feel free to say a fond farewell to our card.

Good to have you back in the blogs


Tasha, thanks, we'll probably recycle your card (what a load off!) and I'll do my best to recite your newsletter back to you next time we meet as proof of my dedication.

Émy, that does seem to have been the new year's trend around here. Goddamned stomach flu!

Mark, I hate that Ben has only puked twice in his life. Have I regaled you with how often each of our boys puked on us for the first NINE MONTHS of their lives, respectively?? Like, two or three dozen times PER DAY! I wish I could somehow share that with you in a more visceral way. But Guitar Hero rocks!

Marian, yes there is ice. But ball hockey on a deserted tennis court is just so much fun. And, quite frankly, I can't skate worth shit.

Terri, a more iconic Canadian phrase would be hard to conjure.

Moksha, yes, sick kids are way more upsetting that being sick. If there were some magical device that could transfer their sickness to me so I could suffer in their stead, I'd totally do that. I think we'll end up sharing the same Christmas card philosophy too. Good to be back in the blogs.


Sorry to hear you and Tav were sick Simon.

Sometimes, these things just happen... hopefully, not too often.


1) I have only ever played ball hockey. I just never hung out with people who played ice hockey.

2) Does that mean you did not play "Through the Fire and Flames" (the unlocked song played thu the credits? That song is crizazy!

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