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Monday, 17 December 2007



Ah, sounds like an excellent weekend. I can just imagine the exhilaration of suddenly finding you have twice the living space. Can't wait to see the pix.


Indeed, a nice weekend by my standards, too. And all that extra room in the house to be Frasers!

Looking forward to the pics.

Jimi Hendrix's white cousin from the north. Ha!

I wonder, though, why Starbucks and not Tim Horton's?


I can't wait to see pictures! Souns very busy yes, but also very satisfying. Have I mentioned I can't wait to see the pictures?


I can't believe the weekend it over already. I kept thinking that today was Sunday Yesterday so thank goodness that I caught up with the days before I went to bed last night. WHEW!!! I too can't wait to see the pictures. Since I don't know yet how to work the camera accept to take a few pictures, I can't really post them anywhere.

Moksha Gren

A weekend so excellent you used all of your underpants. A truly inspired gauge.

And though I am many miles away, I had my own run-in with alcohol-influenced Amy on my Facebook wall. Claiming magical powers to make this gren do her bidding and use Facebook on her command.

I'm looking forward to all the images and videos hinted at in this post and I'm glad so much cool stuff befell the Frasers recently.

Moksha Gren

Amy - Today WAS Sunday yesterday


Marian, it WAS a fine weekend. Twice the living space is even better than I was hoping it would be. Pix will be great!

Mark, Starbucks has a wider selection of girlie-flavoured-overpriced-fancy-pants drinks than does Tim's. Since we were going for a late night walk in the dark in the dead of winter, fancy drinks made it more special for us. Even if it was almost 10 bucks.

Tal, I think you want to see the pictures. Am I reading that right??

Amy darling, I think we'll have to decide who's going to post what pictures from which of the many events on the weekend. If we're not careful we could have an all-out blog fight on our hands...

Moksha, I may end up using the underpants gauge again. It worked for me. You be careful around Facebook and my wife at the same time -- she's trying to get ME to do more stuff on it. Hard to resist, she is. There will be much cool stuff going up in the near future... stay tuned.


I had forgot I left Moksha that message. Thank you for the reminder Moksha. sort of.
What I meant was that I am glad I got caught up with it being Sunday while it still was Sunday.
I will tell you what I am going to post and you can post the rest. That is the way things are done around here right??? I tell you how it is going to be...


Ouch, Simon. Maybe we shouldn't encourage our wives to come out and play on our blogs. ;-)

Just kidding, of course. A shot of estrogen can make any discussion more interesting.

Émilie B

What a picture-tease post! All talk and no show.

(Glad you both had a fun weekend. :)


The nail color is actually from Avon. It is called midnight plum.
It was the timing of the shot Sigh. That was a pretty crazy group I was dancing with at that point. The woman to my left in the black and gold was CARAZAY!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!!! I am back to being only one year older. Thank god!!!

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