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Monday, 03 December 2007



Cool holodeck adventure. Would that be with or without safety protocols turned on? (you know, as in whether or not you can die in the holodeck)

Moksha Gren

I've read it before...but enjoyed reading it again just cuz it's so detailed.

I used to spend quite a bit of time day dreaming myself into the Star Wars universe. I was a banished Jedi named Zrinn Ka'ok who looked like he was 14 or so but was actually almost as old as Yoda. There were tons of details that I won't bog down your comment thread with...but he created all sorts of problems when he came back after Jedi cuz he was committed to the idea that the darkside could be used as a tool. He had a purple lightsaber. Then Lucas created Mace Windu and Zrinn didn't seem so unique. Plus...he never had a transformer...so he was inherently less cool than "Primis."

Moksha Gren

Also...I love the new banner. At first glance, the collar makes me imagine that there is a long flowing cape attached and perhaps some fangs under that smile.


Mark, the safety protocols would all be turned off. Being a Jedi, I would have no need for the trappings of standard corporeal frailty.

Zrinn, that's a day-dream right up my alley. Strict adherence to only one or the other doctrine would probably have rubbed me the wrong way, too. To know something experientially, however dangerous, is to be better prepared against it. You're treading a very thin line when the thing you get to know is the dark side, but to rail against it without knowing *of* it smacks of folly as well.

Nice mental image of the boy there, too. Declanula!!


I first noticed the collar, too, and can only assume that in your neck of the woods that removable hood never comes off the coat.


I love that commenting on banner pictures leaves future readers completely in the dark. A reader from 2009 is looking up there right now thinking, "I don't get it. It's a picture of Declan's team winning the 1st-grader curling championship. There's no collar in that picture."


the geekdom goes deeper than I thought...

Moksha Gren

Mark - Well...it serves 'em right for not being here on time.

2009 Reader - Dude, if you look really closely in the background of the banner, you can just make out Simon's reflection. I can't believe Amy let him out of the house wearing that.

Can't find it? Trust me...keep looking. It'll be worth it when you see it.


What, no blue alien chicks? :p

Émilie B

Blue alien chicks are from Vinea, but that's a couple light years away...

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