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Thursday, 13 December 2007



I love the post title, of course.

Great pics. I remember seeing snow like that a few times in my life. It's fun where I grew up because you know that it won't be around longer than a few days, a week at the most. Except the piles the snowplows mound up in parking lots. I'll bet dirty snow piles are a permanent fixture in your world from now 'til -- when -- April?

Always fun to see kids in snow, even if you know their daddy's plan fell through.


Mark, dirty snow piles are a fixture in parts of Edmonton until June. Once the serious snow removal business gets under way, there are several major "snow dumps" where the dirty snow plowed off roads gets trucked and piled several storeys high. Given the size of some of the piles, they take until late spring/early summer to melt fully. Then it's just a big ol' pile of sand and gravel.

Moksha Gren

I'm actually jealous. We've had cold rain and occasional ice here. Nothing like regions south of here, mind you...but still miserable enough that I'd trade it for a good old fashioned snow any day. It seems we just don't get snow here anymore. We traded in the white stuff for ice and sleet a few years back and I can't help but feel we got screwed on the deal.

They tell me we're supposed to get some snow this weekend...but won't believe it until there's a snowman in our yard.

All the pictures are cute, but the "Winter4" one of Tav is really "aaaahhhh" inspiring.

the Mater

The view out my window looks very similar right now - the boys look adorable all bundled up like that!

Warm hearts, cold nights ... wishing you a sweet sweet holiday season.


Looks just like our neck of the woods. In my experience kids don't really start to love playing in the snow until they can manage their own mittens. You never think about that issue til it confronts you, but if you can't keep your mittens on, let alone get them on yourself, well, playing in the snow is kind of a problem, isn't it? Great photos...


I love his toque! (my dad used to call them toque's... matter of fact, I have his old Navy one..)

Great shots of the kids Simon!


conversations with a womans Virginia... Who is this woman anyway??? You know talk is a four letter word for intercourse.
I can get his thumbs in the thumb thing OH by the way....

Émilie B

Fun shots through the falling snow.

They're saying it will be a winter for snow, this year. We're supposed to go in Beauce (2 hours away) this Sunday for my grandma's 80th birthday, but they're announcing a snowfall of around 40cm, I think - [email protected] We'll see... we're pretty brave and I can be a fierce cowboy when it comes to snowstorm driving, but with a toddler and a belly and one-day-trip only in the balance, I might end up disappointed.

We call it 'tuque' in French. Odd, eh? Although we often refer to the model without strings, and with or without a pompom.

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