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Friday, 28 December 2007



Wow it looks like we did a lot of sitting around there. And I didn't totally miss with that snowball. I hit the bar behind Amanda.


Don't undersell yourself, Amy. It looks like you did a fair amount of laying around there too.


Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Jake loves his "lifesaver".


Ah yes, laying around too. My big sis got me some new pillows, the memory foam kind. Very nice.

Émilie B

Either you assess very quickly with your camera, you take a LOT of shots, you're lucky, or you have toddlers that stand still for a suspiciously long while in order to get cool shots like the magnifier and snow-earring ones. I'll bet on the second and third - and maybe some of the first - possibilities.

Fun roundup of Christmas :) I really like the father and son pic, great light - I'm jealous actually... I so would like a nice family pic taken of us.

Happy New Year in advance by a couple of hours :)


Thanks Émy. I think I *can* assess a little with the camera, I most definitely DO take a LOT of shots, and as Obi-Wan would say, "In my experience there's no such thing as luck." I'm glad you didn't give any credence to the possibility that the boys stand still for any length of time. That's patently absurd.

Happy new year to you and your two boys too!


What great pictures Simon! What a wonderful family you have....

Happy New Years!



Gorgeous photos, as usual. I don't know about you guys, but I really get tired quickly of all the sitting around and eating. One day, two, maybe okay but after that I'm ready to chew off my own leg.


Crap. I don't know how I missed this post. Oh, yes, I do. I've been away from my two usual computers and I've become too reliant on my RSS reader. Sorry, Si. Just late to this party. Here goes.

I wonder how many shots that magnifying glass picture took to get just right. Or was it one lucky shot?

Those shots of Dex on the sled behind the go-kart takes me (fondlY) back to the days of snow in my hometown -- we rode our three-wheeler (yes, they once existed!) more on snowy days than any others. We dragged my cousin around on one of those plastic saucers, and it turned a little scary when her scarf got a) tangled around the "ski" rope, and b) wrapped around her neck. We dragged her, sans saucer, for a good 20 feet before we saw she was in trouble.

It's amazing how a front-on shot with a 2D camera can flatten Amy's heaving bosom. And equally amazing that she let you leave that "bosomy" shot out there.

They have full-size versions of those animal flashlights? Ben's is a tiny hippo whose mouth merely features a glowing red light, not a working flashlight. Hmm...

Are you telling the boys to drink up because that's a treat they don't get at home?


Dave, thank. And a happy new year to you too!

Marian, I too am very tired of eating. It seems sort of strange to me that I'm not snacking all day right now. Phew... thank god that's over for this year.

Mark, the magnifying glass was just one lucky shot. I snapped two quick ones while he had it up to his face and the positioning was just right. Plus, since I shoot in RAW, I can crop all the bad parts out and still have a high-res image. As for my wife's bosom, well, it's just not polite to discuss. Ogle, yes; discuss, no. ;) And the drinks in the last shot, no, it has nothing to do with them not getting juice at home. They drink a lot. They just looked cute squished into the same chair drinking juice at the same time, and it was late at night when I was posting it so I had a hard time coming up with a decent caption. That's all.


I must say, too, that Lethbridge is a very British-sounding place to go.

"Dahling, we are going to the cahstle in Leftbridge for the weekend. Don't tarry. Tea and crumpets at two, daaaahling."


That picture of my heaving bosom was there before I had a chance to say anything. I didn't even know it existed!! Can't do anything about it now, I was hoping no one would notice :P


A dingo took your baby!


I just showed Mike the wonderful photos and when we got to the one you captioned "Repeat this scene 20 times" he laughed out loud in recognizing sympathy and said "Been there, done that." What is it about kids and using their dads as a jungle gym?

Great post, Si, as usual. Of course pictures always make for the best ones.

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