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Friday, 21 December 2007



Well, damn. If you're going away I may as well quit posting altogether. Love the basement pics—totally amazing. A merry little Christmas to you and yours as well. See you in a week.

Oh, and and this? "If there are any other wifely things I'd expect from you, it was the emotional insecurity exhibited by your phone message when I didn't reply via email quickly enough."

Brilliant. Cruel, but brilliant.


Isn't it funny how people come to expect a quick reply, and their minds (no matter how experienced) don't imagine that you might be away from your desk. It reminds me of the commercials where one person says something potentially offensive, and the other person laughs, but the one who uttered the risky phrase hears only blank air. Of course, this gets the person worried and he or she starts the verbal back-pedal.

Anyway, although your e-mails were risky, they were, as marian said, brilliant.

Most brilliant things in life are risky.

Moksha Gren

I'm sorry to hear that your outrageous overconfidence was shown to be misplaced. It's probably healthy for egotistical folks like us to be occasionally reminded that our brains are indeed mortal coils capable of mistakes…but that doesn’t make it any more fun.

The basement looks wonderful. However, I couldn’t help but notice that the deep freeze is now missing. Where are you guys keeping…um...the “evidence” now?

Have a wonderful holiday. Give the boys a hug from Norah


Too bad you weren't competing as a Magi/Wise Men there:


Merry Christmas and all that, Simon!

Émilie B

Ah, the web of office socialization, where relationships are tweaked every which way by position, status, seniority, current/past projects and whatnot.

Kudos on cleanly admitting you were wrong - a lot of people would just try to shove the matter to the side once they realized it, or pretend it wasn't that big of a thing anyway, but in the end your conscience will feel better with an honest course of action. And if you could inject some humour into it, well...

Saw the pics on Amy's blog, commented there - the place looks great.

Happy holidays! :)


All the best on the drive up Fraser Clan! Merry Christmas.


Muffy is a man? *LOL* What kind of a name is that???

Merry Christmas to you and your famliy.. see you when you get back!

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