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Sunday, 25 November 2007



Were these taken with the Digital Rebel?


Marc, yes these were taken by my Digital Rebel, and by me: a corporeal rebel.

Moksha Gren

The basement is coming along wonderfully. It really is going to be a great space. I'm jealous. Hmm..that's becoming a trend here.

I'm also digging the shot of smirking Simon. It seems very much like you.

And finally...Love the kid shots. Your camera creates interesting lighting effects in low light. It's cool.


Moksha, the camera is really fun to play with. I've been shooting all my pics in RAW format, which makes it way easier to make prettier pictures. I would never have been able to make the snowflakes stand out in that one shot, for example, without the ability to fiddle with the brightness and colour saturation of the RAW file. (Look at me! I sound like a photographer!)

Émilie B

Aww, Tav looks older again. But it's ok as long as he keeps his baby cheeks. :D


Recessed lighting! Perfect for avoiding basketballs, hockey pucks and other flying detritus.

Tav is getting his boy face!


Tavish definitely still has the cheeks.

And, Simon looks cheeky.

You are quite the RAW fellow, Simon. That format allows lots of leeway. Moksha, you should be able to shoot RAW with the D40. Or, RAW+JPEG, which means you can share quickly and easily but also have a version to play around with. Kind of like one of my aunts and her men.


So far it looks like only Paula has commented on your new picture to the right there under the word "ABOUT". Waiting for someone to remark on the blue-footed boobie, are we?


I love the second from the bottom - so attentive!


Great looking kids Simon!!!

And love how the basement's coming out.

ps, check out my public blog now at:




That is a fine About pic you have there. Blue-footed boobie, indeed.

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