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Sunday, 18 November 2007



The boys have really grown since we saw you this past summer!!!

Émilie B

I like the light in that first one, and the second one put me in mind of blurry webcam pics with an attempt at some style, from back in the days.


Good stuff from your new camera. I agree about the lighting in the first one. My favorite, were I asked to pick one, would be the silver spoon shot.


Terri, they do that, don't they? Like weeds sometimes.

Émilie, if I had to pick a tag line to apply to my life in general, "An attempt at some style" would be right up there as a contender!

Mark, I thank you. I'm quite partial to the spoon shot, too. That boy's gonna end up with more attitude that we'll all know what to do with.

Moksha Gren

The lighting on the top one is just amazing, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud at Tav's Jungle Book picture.

The light effect on the second shot made me think:

"Daddy, are you ok?" came the child-like voice as if from a great distance.

Simon drifted back to consciousness with a vague memory of having said something like,"Go ahead, Dex. Throw Daddy the baseball."

He was quite sure, even with his head spinning, that he would never again underestimate his elder son's pitching arm.


Moksha, looking back at that picture, you've devised a wonderfully appropriate caption. Though, to tell the truth, it's the younger boy who shows signs of a wicked pitching arm. Plus, given the boys' height, it's not currently my noggin that's most succeptible to injuries...


Ah, The Jungle Book. It almost makes me miss the days of our Lightening McQueen obsession. Almost, but not quite. Mary's getting a fist full of disney movies for Christmas/Birthday gifts next month, I wonder which one will become the new favourite.

Moksha Gren

Yes, my initial thought was that he had cracked you over the head with a bat or something. [internaldialogue]Why would Dex hit Simon with a bat? Well, I can think of reasons, but I'd spend too much time setting up the scenario. Argh, it's really not worth all this, make it a baseball and get to work, Moksha [/internaldialogue]


I wonder why the sine wave post got only four comments and this one already has more than double that many? Hmmm...

Jenn - You mean the Lightning McQueen obsession ends?


Your new photo reminds me of June's blue Doc Martens!

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