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Wednesday, 07 November 2007



looks like a good time. Wish I were there... wait a minute...


Definitely a nice photographic wrap-up.

The reflection picture of your lovely wife is great -- I dig reflection pictures a lot, too. By the way, Amy's left quadricep is like BLAM! and her calf is all POW! She working out?

Probably the more classy thing to say is that her legs looked toned. Oh well, I'm not always classy. What can I say?

You have nice legs, too, Simon, in that last pic.

Amy's pic of the breasts is nice. Takes one to know one (or something).

Moksha Gren

Great shots all around. And a free upgrade to those swank villas? That's amazing.

That belly-crawl night shot looks like something I would have taken. I can almost hear my wife commenting from behind me on how silly I'm being.

Basically, I'm completely jealous of your whole seaside vacation thing. These pictures really do a wonderful job of rubbing salt water in the wounds. And since I'm pretty sure that was a large part of your intent...job well done, sir ;)

Moksha Gren

Mark - I agree, the Frasers both look good in this photo set. They clearly knew they had some swimsuit time coming up and did some physical prepwork. And as someone who has to look at these shots...I appriciate the courtesy.

I wish my wife would snap nice shots of cleavage for me to find on my camera.

Émilie B

Pictures, at last! Nice lighting in all of them, but I guess being so far south, you can't go wrong there...
Amy, your hair looks so great in that 8th pic! and you look pretty happy too, even if we can't see your eyes. :D Glad you both had fun!


Fun to watch those pale, pale northern bodies get every so slightly tanned.... thanks for the pix, it was like a nice little mini-vacation this morning (threatening snow here).


Mark, you may not be classy, but I think that's part of your appeal. And thanks for complimenting my own legs. I like them. And my wife's breasts, but we won't discuss that further.

Moksha, having engendered your envy, I can now call my vacation complete. Thank you! Now I'll continue enjoying the rest of my second week of holiday.

Émy, we both had a whole whack of fun. Which is not quite a boat-load, but way more than a bushel.

Marian, it continues to threaten snow for us here, too. None since the night we landed back home, but the skies have a hint of the ominous to them.


I am officially jealous. Moreso since the similar trip we were hoping to take in February has turned to dust. Stupid renovations ate our money. Which reminds me, how's yer basement?


Wow... fantastic pictures!!! Makes me wish we could go to Cuba..

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