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Sunday, 04 November 2007



Sorry the weather sent you guys inside, but glad you seem to have had fun regardless. The no kids for a week thing sounds glorious pretty much no matter what's going on. Time to just remember what made you two commit to a life together in the first place (and hardbodies requesting a rub).


Oooh I was thinking about you two when I heard about the weather. I'm glad you had a great time anyways!

Moksha Gren

Seems the coincidental Edmontonian pops up everywhere one goes. You guys are like some sort of Monty Python running gag.

Glad to hear they had enough rum to make you dismiss the weather as a trivial detail. And excellent set-up for the story. It must be too early in the morning, becasue it didn't even dawn on my that the 9 original members could go UP to 10. I was waiting for an argument or for someone to get eaten by a shark. But I'm much happier with the way it turned out (and I can only assume you were as well.)


thank god you're back! it's been dead around here without you... and we were all hoping you were not as well, what with the weather.


*ROTFL* Now that's funny....

How was Cuba anyways? Too bad we can't go there.. *frown*


hahaha....good letter dude. Manhattan wouldn't stand a chance ;)

And by the way, that has got to be the best description of lotion application EVER.


The weather was actually great considering the circumstance. We were able to be outside everyday it was just for shorter periods of time. The last conversation with Jordanna was actually funnier. The way I heard it was...
Simon: It's kinda hard getting it in there
Jordanna: Yeah, it's because I am so wet.
Amy: ( giggles quietly to herself)

Moksha Gren

As promised, that new camera is great at taking topless photos. I'll admit I had hoped for slightly...different subjects.

Amy - Your way is actually quite a bit funnier. But, don't tell Simon. He takes his word-smithery pretty seriously.


Mark, the no kids thing was just as glorious as we were expecting. Heck, I'd do it again right now if I could.

Tal, don't take this the wrong way, but I wasn't thinking about anybody else while we were away. I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings!

Moksha, to be likened to a running Python gag is a compliment of the highest order; I thank you, sir.

Marian, I'll do my best to inject whatever pithy comments I can, soon. I, too, am happy not to be dead.

Dave, Cuba was very excellent. The pics I'll post next will tell that tale better than I can.

Moksha (again) - yeah, well, um... Amy sort of made a habit of one-upping me on story telling while we were away. Just sort of appropriate that it carries on here.

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