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Tuesday, 23 October 2007



What a great project. I had no idea you had that much space down there.

I won't ask what's in the deep freeze.


Renos being what they are, I hope you still have this much enthusiasm by the end of the project. Or even half way through! Sounds like it's going to be super though. We moved in order to have the basement. Godsend, it is.


Ha! Entropic maelstrom — well done, sir.


Mark, if you ever come up this way I'll show you what's in the deep freeze. You have to be quiet though, it doesn't like to be disturbed.

Tasha, optimist that I am, I anticipate having this same enthusiasm at the end of the project. What I think will be really cool is going away for a week's holiday and coming back to see how much progress has been made. That'll be sweet!

Marian, thank you, m'dear!


Ah, the Bluenose: that name alone can get you to feel all Call Me Ishmael and imagine beating off (so many useful nautical phrases have worked their way into the language, haven't they?) of the iron-bound coast at Baccalieu....

At least the economic hemorrhage that is home renovation (original estimate + 10% + maybe another 15% + those extras we didn't really anticipate at oh perhaps an additional 36%? ) induces the giddy light-headed state necessary to be able to really enjoy the result and ignore the shocking pallor of your formerly robust and ruddy bank account.

Émilie B

Who needs a second floor when you can have a basement? Plus, that level often lands all the fun rooms (family room, tv room, computer room, play room), so what's not to love?

Good luck with the renos and keep us posted.

Moksha Gren

It's looking great so far. Are the ceilings high enough to ward off the basement feeling? Every once in a while I would think about getting my basement all sparkling and cool. But the ulra low ceilings made it all pointless. From the looks of the pictures...you'll have a much more head-room

I love that you left the posters. I wall papered my living room in a random pattern with paper grocery sack material. The day I was doing so, my friend Kelly got her first batch of business cards in after her promotion. I promtly tucked one behind the paper in a non-glued pocket and left it for some futute homeowner. I may also stick a photo of the family in an air duct before I go.

And smart, leaving the construction fun for Amy's Ma. I'm sure she appriciates that.


It's going to look great! Amy explained how it would be done when we visited this summer.


Frere Rick, what's going to be really shocking to us is that the bank account you mention is already a sort of sickly shade. Its robustness will be bolstered temporarily by an influx from the line of credit on the house itself, but all things must get repaid at some point. **sigh**

Moksha, there is enough room over our heads down there so as not to induce claustrophobia. Even taking into account that it will be lowered some by the stipple ceiling that we'll have. I hope some future family finds the same posters we did; but there's always the chance that they'll fade from memory and just be the victims of total home destruction, whenever that occurs. All things are fleeting.

Terri, I think there might be a few changes since Amy gave you the grand tour, but you definitely have the best idea about how it will look.

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