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Monday, 01 October 2007



Those are some really REALLY cute kids, they must get their looks from their mommy.


What, if Amy leaves a comment everybody else clams up??? Or was that just the definitive comment and there is nothing left to say....

Émilie B

Well they ARE really cute kids, so there's nothing to add to that. That's a really cool straight line, did Tav really make that one?! And that notebook really is giving the Diego backpack a size-complex! ;)

Émilie B

Okay, I just reread my own comment... please substract 2 or 3 "really"s out, alright?


Wicked French skills on the pretzel caption. That was my favorite pic of these, by the way, but it's not far ahead of the two boys slappin' some skin.


Amy, yes, yes they do get their looks from their mommy. Their attitudes too? I tremble!

Marian, my wife sometimes has that effect on people. She's sort of small, but fiesty!

Émy, I rather liked all of your "really"s. I'm keeping them.

Mark, it was the "C" with the little dangly thing there, wasn't it? It always makes things look so, so... Français!

Moksha Gren

They're all cute, but the high five one gets me. It just great to see brothers laughing and enjoying each other so much.

Tav's line is fairly impressive. he even flushed up the edges and everything. It's clearly the start of a Simon-esque sickness. Then again...I immediately scanned the two pictures to find the white-red-green-white pattern to see how much further Tav went from the first image. Turns out you kept the same framing...so the answer wasn't as surprising as it could have been ;)

Also, nice to see Dex back in the banner.


Moksha, I did think it was time to see Dex back in the banners. If I can score a decent shot a month of the two of them getting all cozy together, their joint banner appearance may become a regular thing. Now if I can just find time to figure out how my new camera works...

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