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Thursday, 04 October 2007


Jayson Merryfield

At about 4-5 years of age, that personality really starts shining through, huh? I just hope that he's not quite as shy next time I meet Dex.

Moksha Gren

Never eat kids? Well, that seems a bit restrictive.

It's cool to watch them start making generalizations about their world. I'm still early in the game, but if Norah finds anything that looks remotely key shaped, she'll walk it over to the door and jab it at the lock. Constantly testing the parameters of their understanding.

Émilie B

Yay, dialogue! I LOVE the dialogue form, it's so delightful to read, all fun and light, and Declan is starting to supply good stuff. Keep it coming.

And it's true that video is a pain to offload from digital video cameras, and they should really work on the technology to get it to the point where it works just like photo cameras do now: just open a folder and move a file, maybe run a compression filter to get a web-ready file size and voilà!


Shucks. Here I was hoping from your subject line that you had discovered the solution to world hunger.

This post proves once again that kids say the darndest things.


Jayson, Dex is always the shy guy around new folks, even those he's met a time or two before. Takes a while for him to warm up. Tavish though...

Moksha, Dex does the same thing with keys too, and it kinda makes me afraid because he knows that he has to turn them, but it's more the type of motion that would break a key off in the lock.

Émy, thanks for the boost for the dialogue posts. I think Dex will be a real source of content for the next while. It'll be my job to ensure I write that stuff down on a regular enough basis.

Mark, sorry for not providing the solution to world hunger. Thankfully, soylent green is just a fiction. For now...


Writing down the phrases of Benglish has proved fruitful for my blog. My wife is just as good about jotting down the funnies, so I have another set of ears working for me.

the Mater

ROTFLOL, haven't been around for awhile. The boys are such handsome lads. Let me know when to arrange the dating service for Sophie and Hannah.

Didn't know exactly where to post this. Here you are reporting that Dex is making comments like "Daddy, you shouldn't eat kids" and in your previous post, you send me to the LOLTheist webpages where I find this clever manip:

"Me Luv Kidz They Taste Funny"

So, this leads me to believe that a) your son is quite the prodigy and has learned to read well and b) he's been checking out Daddy's weblinks.

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