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Monday, 15 October 2007


Moksha Gren

Ouch, poor guy...and poor Frasers. It's so difficult to know when to give in to the wailing. I tend to be the heartless one, Moonshot tends toward mercy. But then, we haven't met the molars just yet.

Nicely written post, Sir. I half expected photos of teeth marks on poor Dex.


I'm sorry to hear about Tav and his teeth troubles. We were lucky with Ben. He didn't keep us up with that too many nights. Or we broke out the tylenol. e still have Sara sleeping with us half the night, because I'm too tired to nurse in the middle of the night.

Glad you posted. I was getting worried about you and your lack of internet activity.


Moksha, as you well know from your own experiences, what one intends and what actually happens during child-rearing are sometimes barely recognizable to each other. And sorry about not having any teeth-mark pics for you. The internet police would probably figure we'd been abusing the boy if we showed that.

tv, we've broken out the Tylenol and some teething drops as well. I think he starts wailing about the time they wear off. We just can't wait for him to hurry up and grow out of it so he can start annoying us with whatever he grows into next. I'll try to keep my posting frequency up, so as not to concern you too much any more... :)


Oh, don't worry, Tasha, he's been active on the Internet. Just not the nice, wholesome way you might like to imagine.

But I'm off-topic.

Nicely written, indeed, Simon. I'm sure letting Tav wail his head off is a less attractive prospect, too, when you have another little one in the house.


If it's any consolation, my kid was past 2 before he slept through the night for the first time. File that away in the "it could be worse" folder.

Meanwhile, baby ibuprofen works better than tylenol for teething pain. And a little benedryl before bed won't hurt if you are desperate... I also used to try a few drops of scotch in 8 ounces of water, an old folk remedy, but I never noticed any difference from that unless I drank it myself.


lol @ marian. I was going to suggest basically the same thing for ma and pa.

Émilie B

I'd brag about Xav's 12 shiny white teeth (8 front, 4 molars), but he's getting the canines out now, in addition to a cold, and he has his own little grumpy moments. I'll just wish Tav and yourselves for the biting to stay associated with teething, and not picked up as a habit, then.

Re: medicine : I was just informed yesterday that they're pulling out a lot of the baby/toddler medicine from the market, so before you give the younger kids something for pain, maybe check again with your pharmacist. I don't have much info right now, it might be less dramatic than it sounds, but it's worth checking out - Google would probably help.


Ok, I'm catching up on alerts & obviously have not been on your blog for sometime because I went Whoooaaa...who are those guys at that top?

Well, molars are good things to have...don't want to be on those mushy baby foods for too long...and man to think of all the great foods one would miss. :-) Good luck! Hope they are much better by now.

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