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Sunday, 07 October 2007


Moksha Gren

I have to respect his attitude. The show must go on, Dad.


If he doesn't get in better shape, he'll have to lip-synch all his live shows, and nobody wants that!

Émilie B

Is he singing Spiderman in the first part? And the backpack thing is cool, man. Jack Bauer had his own version of it all through last season of 24, filled with his own set of small toys - handy stuff to have around.


Moksha, that boy's got plenty of attitude to go around.

Mark, he's gotten into the habit of chasing me around the living room and kitchen on an almost nightly basis. Thus, we're both getting into better shape. When the wee boy and the dog get in on the action as well, it turns into an obstacle course.

Émy, it is the Spider-Man theme in the first part there. I'm kinda glad I never got into watching 24. I have an insatiable addiction for cool gadgets.


I love watching Tavish run after him, and the dog. That wacky dog and the circle-running. He's what a friend of ours calls a "kick-dog."

Moksha Gren

I was noticing those child locks youhave on your cabinets. We have the same ones on our stereo cabinet and Norah loves them. If we forget to click them shut, she'll spend forever trying to figure out how to put them back on. She shows little interest in getting in there and messing with the cds...it just bugs he that the lock isn't where it's supposed to be.

The Peckish Hen


Dear Hen,

Both our guys are also compulsive about ensuring that all the locks are shut tight. We're the worst offenders for leaving them dangling sometimes. Still, when Tav's old enough, I'm looking forward to taking them off so we can have more freedom around our own house.

Incendiary Barber (WTF?!)


I never realized how exhausting singing could be. I think this could be a new Olympic sport, run a marathon while singing an Aria, or your favourite verse of Old MacDonald's farm. Extra points for choice of music and remembering the words.

Moksha Gren

What? I was pretty proud of that one. A flaming hair-stylist? That's gold, man!


Wow. If you could bottle the energy of those two kids and that crazy dog, we could provide energy for the next millennium!

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