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Wednesday, 03 October 2007



Man, you can't make this stuff up. Thankfully, I like both cats and Christianity, so this is...curious, without killing me. :)

Moksha Gren

i can has lol'n!!

Weee! Blas-fun-me!


im in ur blag
linking to lolstufz

also from the linking-to-the-web dept today : http://oomsa.com/node/456


I've never seen nor heard of LOL Cats, but these were funny, as were some of those on the linked page.

I admit I am out of it just enough to know that "teh" is a jumbled version of "the," and that it probably started on IRC chat, but I have no idea why it's funny or cool to use the word "teh" instead of "the."


Should I say out loud that I don't get the first one???


Oh, man - did you see the GO PACKERS Cheesehead Jesus (Jesi? Dude, I never had to think about the plural of Jesus before! Wot?) that just got posted. Hil-AR-irous.

Well, if we all go to to hell together, we're sure gonna have a good time :)

Amy, I may be wrong (it's happened once before ;) ) but I took RTFM to mean "Read the effing memo". (Loved the sassy-attitude Jesus on, Si - but then, wouldn't I just?).


The "RTFM" one is supposed to be "read the f--king manual". A lecturer I had recently at a training course put those four letters up as part of his presentation and got a few laughs out of it. Put that together with Moses and the ten commandments, and it's comedy gold!


OKAY!!! Now that you tell me what WTFM means that is FREAKIN hilarious!!!!

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