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Thursday, 27 September 2007



Quite the prank, Moksha. I mean, Gren.

I like the other version of the story, too. Not quite as steeped in storytelling bravado, but fun to see from another perspective. I happened to read it there first.

I hope the person who posted the note will get at least a "thank you," if the Gren still has contact information.

Moksha Gren

Thanks for the translation. I'm not sure I would have ben able to read that jumble of random markings...and I wrote it. Man, that's embarrassing.

The only thing I would have changed about this whole thing is I really wished I hadn't been so clueless when you called. I would have played it differently had I known the letter had been posted that day. You caught me at a particualrly brain-dead moment, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that you and Amy had fun trying to figure out the mystery. I look forward to whatever retribution you think you can throw my way.

Also, I added a little update on the bottom of the "Rev Gren" story that points out the temporarily deputized gren in case you want to put a face to the remote arm of this evil genius.

And to my wonderful helper in this (since I know she'll be checking here to see the fall-out) see..I told you you wouldn't get in trouble for posting a semi-threatening letter to a stranger's door ;)Thank you so much for playing along.

Émilie B

So it turns out it was the helper who did the stalking and quickly acted on Amy's departure? That's much less spooky ;)

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

Well now, I do believe an arms race has begun. After all, how can one let this slip by without attempting to respond in kind or, worse, to top it?

Cheeseburger Brown


Moksha and Simon

Might I just say that I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You two should collaborate on a book. It would be fantastic. Of Harry Potter fame even! Your imagination exceeds anything I have encountered. I am a little worried that my daughter is connected to the likes of you. But,she is grown up and she'll just have to take care of herself.

Simon, Iowa IS a beautiful place. It is farming country, but trees and rivers add so much. We live on the Mississippi like Moksha and Moonshot. However, the Mississippi is much, much better 200 miles north of them. You should really visit sometime. You might pass right thru on your way to ST. Louis.



Evil genius indeed. Love it!

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