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Wednesday, 12 September 2007



Geez he's cute. Is that a heart on his forehead?


Marian, indeed, yes. (And I mean that in two ways, based on your comment.) Pic was taken on July 1st (Canada day) at a friend's BBQ where many of the wee kids present had I <3 Canada stickers on exposed bits of skin.


Aha! So now I know that the <3 is an emoticon for a heart. Thanks. I had seen that a few places but didn't know what it was.

And, yes, the boy is cute. And, yes, Dex will look at the blog one day and say, "Hey, wait a minute? Tav's on all the banners."

To which you can respond, "But look at these," and pull up the archives.

You're covered, just like you said. But I felt the need to repeat it, apparently.

Émilie B

That cutie is really wearing his heart on his sleeve. (Well if he had sleeves, he would.)


Thanks for 'breakin it down' for us.

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