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Thursday, 20 September 2007



Double Wood. *snort*


When I was reading that e-mail I immediately imagined making it a blog post. You beat me to it. Nicely done.

I loved the "double wood" comment, too, but only just now did I catch the "hands down" part. Or maybe I'm acting like so many of my English professors and reading way too much into it.


Sarah, even I'm amazed how quickly that particular scotch came to mind when I thought of the bikini.

Mark, you are not reading too much into it. I think those are the only two words I changed from the original email, for obvious reasons. They just fit better.

Moksha Gren

Over dinner last night, I recapped the essense of this email to my wife, telling her to keep an eye out for little X-Wing toys that could grace the edge of my next glass of Laphroaig. She could only stammer and reply, "That may well be the geekiest thing you guys have ever discussed."

Woo-hoo! A personal best!


Rick's out of town or he'd be all over this one...


I'm drinking Doublewood right now. Well, not right this minute. I just mean it's the current open bottle in my liquor cabinet.

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